Transforming your Outdoors to Living Space…

When my husband and I decided to screen in our back deck, we began to look for contractors to do the work.  We found a few names, either through advertisement or word-of-mouth.  We called each of them for an estimate.  One of the contractors that we located was Wayne Chadwick with Outdoor Living Spaces.  Upon meeting Wayne, the decision to use him was easy.  We were immediately impressed with his knowledge and experience in construction.  He also had a lot of good input on the design of our new construction, which was a big help.  Wayne and his crew completed our porch in a reasonable amount of time without any problems, and if a concern was ever brought up, it was handled without a problem.  We love our new addition and get many compliments on it constantly.  As a matter of fact, three of our neighbors loved our porch so much, that they decided to do the same, all of which also used Outdoor Living Spaces.

Wayne, thank you so much for what you did for us.  It has been a great addition to our home and our lives.  It brings relaxation to a who new level.

Bill and Becky Eskew

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